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Cities Around the World Commit to Cut Emission Outputs by 454 Megatons Annually By Decade’s End Sustainable Rail, Air, Electric Vehicles and Urban Public Transport Mobilized at Climate Summit

Compact of Mayors and Financing Coalitions Work to Reduce Emissions and Attract Investment New York, 23 September— A global Compact of Mayors – which brought together well over two thousands cities, including over 200 cities with specific targets and strategies for greenhouse gas reductions, was launched at today’s Climate Summit. Those cities with voluntary commitments … read more

New Research Shows Cities Have The Potential To Reduce Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 8 Gigatons By 2050 Over Current National Targets

Impact of Climate Efforts by All Cities Would Be Equivalent of Cutting World’s Annual Coal Use by More Than Half Taking Cities’ Potential into Consideration Would Help Nations Set Far More Aggressive Targets to Fight Climate Change Than They Have Thus Far UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael R. Bloomberg and C40 … read more

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