Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity Report

Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity is a new report from the Coalition for Urban Transitions,  an urban-focused initiative with 36 diverse stakeholders across five continents, that aims to support national governments’ efforts to unlock the economic and social benefits of inclusive, zero-carbon cities. Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity quantifies the social, environmental, and economic benefits available to … read more
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Climate Opportunity

The Opportunity 2030 dashboard provides an interface to interactively compare scenarios for different benefits and regions assessed in the Opportunity 2030: More Jobs; Better Health; Liveable Cities report.

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Global Covenant of Mayors 2018 Global Aggregation Report

Partners to the delivery of the Paris Agreement, cities are fostering radical change and, in greater numbers, supporting the targets set by their nations by taking voluntary, ambitious action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increasing local-level resilience and providing access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy for their communities.

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The Global Covenant of Mayors


City Story
Sagnarigu Municipality
Climate Action Starts with Community-Driven Awareness
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City Story
Surabaya’s Community-Led Approach to Waste Management
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Meet Climate Action’s New Superalliance – How these mayors and ministers from around the world are fast-tracking energy tech to tackle the climate emergency.

The IPCC's 2018 Special Report warns of dramatic consequences by 2040 if global warming reaches 1.5°C. In response, citizens have made their voices louder than ever, and national governments in turn are beginning to mobilize. The constant threat of climate change, plus shifting energy needs and accelerating technological innovations, demands an unprecedented collective response at … read more

Cities at the Forefront of Tackling Climate Change

At the 24th United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Katowice, Poland, in December, a consultation of scientists, city practitioners and NGOs responded to the IPCC 1.5 Special Report with a stark question: What does it mean for cities to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius in just over a decade? The 9,176 cities … read more

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Fact of the Week

385.000 electric busses were on the roads globally in 2017, with 99% of all electric busses are located in China.


Mayor Muñoz Elected To Represent Latin America in World’s Largest Alliance of Cities Addressing Climate Change

STATEMENT BY MAYOR OF LIMA, JORGE MUÑOZ WELLS, REGARDING NEW LEADERSHIP ROLE ON BOARD OF THE GLOBAL COVENANT OF MAYORS FOR CLIMATE & ENERGY Cartagena, Colombia, 25 September 2019 – Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells of Lima, Peru was appointed to represent Latin America and the Caribbean for C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group on the Board … read more


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