Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy input to Talanoa Dialogue

Cities and local governments are essential to turn climate action pledges into concrete action, supporting the implementation and accelerating the ambition of NDCs, to ensure the goals of the Paris Agreement are met. GCoM and partners will create an enabling environment for Talanoa Dialogues around events worldwide and explore ways to foster multilevel governance and … read more

Raising Global Climate Ambition Report

The Global Covenant of Mayors highlights the collective potential of over 7400 cities and local governments making voluntary commitments to take significant action. Learn more about the aggregate impact of GCoM cities through its new report.  

The importance of an integrated approach to city climate finance

Cities have long been willing partners in advancing the mission embodied by the Paris Agreement, and have organized their efforts through a multitude of global and regional city networks and initiatives, local action, and collective response. Download ReportThe importance of an integrated approach to city climate financeread more

The Power Behind the Paris Climate Agreement

Recent analysis suggests that even modest improvements in city powers - or the level of control a city has over various sectors - could yield large benefits to the climate. Download ReportThe Power Behind the Paris Climate Agreementread more
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