The Multilevel Climate Action Playbook Second Edition

The Multilevel Climate Action Playbook Second Edition is a follow-up to the Multilevel Climate Action Playbook for Local and Regional Governments published in November 2021, which recommended key elements of an enabling environment that can weave climate ambition and action of local and regional governments into Party policy developments.

This second edition of the Playbook is a guide that lays out the options for national, regional and local authorities from policy levers to institution-building, drawing on examples from national, regional and local level of both mitigation and adaptation. It emphasizes the multi-actor, multilevel areas for action that bring together national, regional and local governments with civil society, local and indigenous communities, researchers and businesses. It also highlights connections with ongoing policy and program development for climate, sustainable development, urban development and biodiversity.

Check out the Second Edition Playbook below to learn more.

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