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UN-Habitat launches Call for Regional Curators for UN-Habitat and GCoM’s (virtual) Innovate4Cities conference 11-15 October 2021

The submission deadline for Call for Regional Curators in support of the Innovate4Cities conference has been extended to 28th May 2021. If you are a local government, research institutions or a city innovator and would like to support accessible, innovative, and equitable city climate action, apply here. UN-Habitat is co-hosting the (virtual) Innovate4Cities conference with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate … read more

GCoM Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Green Recovery Event

Cities of all sizes have been hit incredibly hard by the global pandemic but are also essential economic engines for jumpstarting national economic recovery – and doing so in a sustainable and inclusive way. Even as we tackle the pressing need to restart economies laid dormant by COVID-19, we cannot lose sight of the increasingly … read more

Seizing the Urban Opportunity Report

How national governments can recover from COVID-19, secure shared prosperity, and tackle the climate crisis through cities. National governments can spur COVID-19 recovery, achieve shared prosperity and drive climate action through national policies and targeted investments to decarbonise cities and make them more resilient. This report shows the power of urban transformation and the many … read more

Race To Zero Dialogues: A Summary of Cities and Regions Day

On November 18, 2020, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), together with its partners, organized Cities and Regions Day as part of the Race to Zero Dialogues. The Cities and Regions Day brought together 18 different partners who convened conversations with leading voices in the climate and urban development space, structured … read more

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