GCoM at COP27: Energizing City Climate Action

That’s a wrap on COP27! Thank you for joining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), our mayors and partners for an amazing lineup of events focused on local climate solutions, innovation, finance, data and promoting a just transition. In the course of the two weeks, we were able to bring together a number of cities, national governments, scientists, policymakers, youth and experts, with the aim to accelerate ambitious and measurable climate and energy initiatives that lead to a low emission and climate-resilient future, and showcase what GCoM cities are doing on the front lines of urban climate action, particularly in Africa. 

Throughout the 2 weeks, GCoM was able to organize and co-organize over 20 events and participated in an additional 30+ events in various Blue Zone pavilions and other COP27 zones. All of the GCoM organized/co-organized events, including the session on ‘Sheltering and Empowering Informal Communities’, the session on ‘Women Leaders and Climate Change: Empowerment, Progress & Challenges and the session on ‘Energy Transition Key Insights from GCoM Signatories’ and more, can be rewatched here.

Here are some of GCoM’s key moments during COP27: 

Lastly, learn more about some of our key moments covered by Politico, Urbanet, and SmartCitiesWorld

A big thank you to everyone involved, our cities, the GCoM Board, our funders, the alliance of partners and GCoM’s Regional/National Covenants for making all of this possible and for working together to support local climate action through data-based decision-making, critical funding access and innovative solutions.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing info@globalcovenantofmayors.org

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