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Tens of Thousands Cities, One Voice for Urban Net-Zero Transition

With one voice, the world’s cities and local governments underscored their role as an effective driving force in implementing the Paris Agreement and called for stronger collaboration between levels of governments, private sectors, academia, and local leaders to support the urban net-zero transition. Recognising critical knowledge, innovation, funding and support gaps that hold back urban … read more

Mission Innovation Urban Transitions Mission Brings Together First Cohort of Cities to Spur Global Green Transition

Today at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum, the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) together with the European Commission (DG RTD) and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (JPI UE) called upon Mission Innovation member countries to recognize the importance of multi-level collaboration and help spearhead the selection of 50 cities for the Urban Transitions … read more

GCoM at World Urban Forum 11 (WUF11)

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) is participating in the next World Urban Forum (WUF11) in Katowice, Poland from June 26 to 30, 2022. Come and join us! make your voice heard at THE GCoM BOOTH, and learn from our training sessions. What is WUF? WUF was established in 2001 by … read more

Cities and Climate Change Science Research Agendas launched at the Research Symposium during ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022 in Malmö, Sweden

Two key outcomes from the Innovate4Cities 2021 Conference — new agendas for cities, climate change science, and policy innovation — were launched and discussed during the research and innovation component of ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022 in Malmö, Sweden on May 10, 2022. First, an update to the 2018 Global Research Action Agenda on Cities and … read more

Launch of the City Research and Innovation Agenda (Innovate4Cities)

Inspired by the 2018 Edmonton Declaration - and galvanized by the Innovate4Cities 2021 Conference - the City Research and Innovation Agenda seeks to fill local-level knowledge, information, and technology gaps at every stage of the city climate action journey. Sourced directly from local policymakers, city leaders, and practitioners, it highlights today’s critical urban climate needs, … read more

Launch of the Global Research and Action Agenda (GRAA)

The Findings from Innovate4Cities 2021 and Update to the Global Research and Action Agenda details the research, policy, public discussions, recommendations and research gaps as the Global Research and Action Agenda for Cities and Climate Change Science (GRAA), drawing on hundreds of presentations and discussions at the Innovate4Cities 2021 Conference under key topical and cross-cutting … read more
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