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RetrofitCredits unlock investment in housing retrofit by originating carbon credits backed by emission reductions and social value. The project focuses on increasing the accessibility of warmer homes and lower energy bills for the most fuel-poor households so that funding unlocked through carbon finance reduces emissions and improves lives. Access to affordable heat profoundly impacts people's health, well-being, and productivity. With rising energy costs, the risk of fuel poverty is increasing. The project’s pilot phase has already benefited almost 6,700 households. We are working with almost 100 local authorities and housing providers across the UK to provide an urgently needed route to funding a low-carbon housing stock that better serves its residents. Our pioneering use of carbon credit revenue to accelerate housing decarbonisation is especially pertinent in the UK, where homes are some of the worst in Europe for thermal efficiency, fossil fuel consumption and emissions intensity.
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: United Kingdom
Cities: London
Cross-cutting issues: Health & Wellbeing, Justice & Equity
Topical areas: Built & Green/Blue Infrastructure, Sustainable Production And Consumption, Finance
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