Nepal NDC update
In their 2020 NDC update, the Nepalese Government committed to supporting the development of local climate-resilient and gender-responsive adaptation plans, through a series of policy updates including a Framework on Local Adaptation Plans of Action (2019). By 2030, all 753 Nepalese local government authorities will have prepared an implementation a local adaptation plan. Implementation will be supported by Provinvial Climate Change Coordinate Committees, which will report to an Inter-Ministerial Climate Change Coordination Committee (IMCCCC). The plans will address climate change and disaster vulnerability and risks and prioritize adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management measures focusing on women, differently-abled, children, senior citizens, youth, Indigenous Peoples, economically deprived communities and people residing in climate-vulnerable geographical areas. This includes dedicated resources (human and financial) to ensure full, equal and meaningful participation of women, children, youth, Indigenous Peoples and marginalized groups in climate change-related policy development, and during the planning, monitoring and implementation processes at local, provincial and national levels.
Outputs: Policy Integration, Education and Outreach, Social and Network Infrastructure, Standardized Methods and Common Platforms
Outcomes: Vertical NDC Integration, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Access/Influence
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment, Local Goverment, Indigenous populations/groups, Local communities
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