National Council for the Ecological Transition: France establishes participatory council to support sustainability legislation
Following a comprehensive stakeholder debate with local and regional actors, the French national government adopted an Energy Transition Law in 2015 to accelerate low-emission development and established a permanent stakeholder committee, the National Council for the Ecological Transition (CTNE), to support the development of consistent national, regional and local climate and energy strategies. The CTNE, which consists of stakeholders from the state, members of parliament, municipalities, companies, trade unions and environmental associations, is involved in the elaboration and review of key strategic plans under the Energy Transition Law and must be consulted when any piece of environmental or sustainability legislation is drafted - thus enabling for a more inclusive climate governance framework.
Outputs: Education and Outreach, Social and Network Infrastructure
Outcomes: Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Regulatory Powers, Access/Influence
Target actors: Local Goverment, Bussines/Investors, Instituations, Local communities
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