Load Adjustment Strategy, and Demand side response
Oaktree Power
OakTree Power’s (OPL) solution enables our clients/customer to earn significant annual recurring revenue streams to combat rising energy costs, improve environmental credentials, and accelerate net-zero performance – all while playing a vital role in the wider energy economy by assisting network operators to decarbonise our energy infrastructure leading to new frontiers in sustainable energy systems. By integrating our SEMS (Sustainable Energy Management Systems) through a small IoT device to a buildings BMS (Building Management System), we are able to monitor, measure and improve current electrical usage, while reducing energy wastage. In addition, we improve environmental performance contributing to a sustainable future.
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: United Kingdom
Cities: London
Start date: 01 Sep 2023
Cross-cutting issues: System Approach, Observation, Data & Modelling
Topical areas: Sustainable Production And Consumption
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Set Goals and Targets
Develop Action Plan
Monitor and Report

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