Innovate 4 Nairobi, the Green Capital of Africa
Kenya Green Building Society ("KGBS")
We are supporting the Nairobi City County implement its Climate Action Plan. Nairobi is Kenya's capital city, has a population of approximately 5 million people and accounts for 60% of Kenya's GDP. Its challenges are: it is a concrete jungle with 60% of its population in informal settlements, has a growing garbage, housing and infrastructure issue which needs intervention and has challenges in funding the implementation of its plan. Objectives: (1) certify the Governor's Office as the first (IFC EDGE) green government office in East Africa, prior to the Africa Climate Summit to send strong message, with Nairobi as the green capital of Africa and separately, that change starts at the top. (2)formulate a green strategy that will cater to buildings, infrastructure and informal settlements. (3) Mobilise sustainable finance and partnerships for Nairobi, to build and rehabilitate Nairobi as a sustainable resilient city and showcase efforts in Africa Climate Summit and COP28.
Regions: Sub Saharan Africa
Countries: Kenya
Cities: Nairobi
Cross-cutting issues: System Approach, Governence & Insitutions, Scale, Observation, Data & Modelling, Health & Wellbeing, Justice & Equity, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Informality, Urban Planning & Design, Built & Green/Blue Infrastructure, Sustainable Production And Consumption, Finance
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