Implementing the Youth Impact Framework
Student Energy
Student Energy’s Youth Impact Framework (YIF), created in partnership with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and Melbourne Centre for Cities, allows youth to measure and communicate the impacts of their work with all levels of government, and for decision-makers – beginning with cities and local governments – to understand the tangible contributions of youth-led work. The YIF is a first step towards a shared language for communicating and evaluating youth-led initiatives in climate and energy. Over the next two years, we will amplify the YIF’s findings and encourage implementation of its key recommendations. At the city-level, this could resemble a Youth Challenge Team, where young people and municipalities work together to form innovative climate and energy solutions. For academia, this could entail expanding the YIF to quantify youth-led initiatives. Innovate4Cities could be a catalyst for ideas to scale this important work. Budgets vary depending on project size.
Regions: North America
Countries: Canada
Cities: Vancouver
Start date: 08 Jun 2023
Topical areas: Informality, Finance
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