Helping cities reduce food and household waste
Olio Exchange Limited
Olio can help cities redistribute surplus food and household items between residents. In addition to reducing landfill, waste disposal costs and carbon emissions this would enable cities to better support individuals struggling with the cost of living (75% of Olio-ers improve financial wellbeing), strengthen local communities (40% make friends through sharing) and tackle loneliness (66% report improved mental health). The project would be a 1-year collaboration to get usage of Olio to a ‘tipping point’. The estimated budget for this collaboration would be ~£200k / ~€235k. This would cover the cost of 1 city manager, 1 local business development manager (both ~£60k fully-loaded), a ~£50k performance marketing budget to attract volunteers and early app users to get the flywheel started, and ~£30k for local legal advice, travel costs and admin and overheads. Impact would be measured and reported on the basis of users, items redistributed and estimated carbon emissions avoided.
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: United Kingdom
Cities: London
Cross-cutting issues: Scale, Justice & Equity, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Sustainable Production And Consumption
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