European Reconstruction and Development Funds
Italian governments have been particularly active in embedding Covenant Europe principles into their own processes, including effectively using MLG concepts to achieve horizontal and vertical synergies. A great example of this approach is how national authorities have strongly linked the Covenant with European Reconstruction and Development Funds (ERDF) managed by regional authorities. For example, both the regions of Sicily and Emilia Romagna use ERDF funds to ensure strong energy action plan development in their towns, and more recently have made SECAPs a prerequisite to access ERDF funding for further activities (e.g. for Sicilian municipal energy managers or the renovation of Emilia-Romagnan public buildings). Though it is not the only example of such good practice in climate funding, the Italians demonstrate quite well that explicit linkages of funds to planning and action can contribute effectively to impacts at multiple levels.
Outputs: Funding and Financing
Outcomes: Localize Climate Finance, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Knowledge Creation
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment, Local Goverment, City Networks
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