Eco-Built Solutions
Eco-Built Solutions aims to tackle the challenges of environmental impact and carbon emissions in the built environment, with a strong focus on city climate action starting July 2023 at a cost of $997, 500. Cities around the world are facing the dual challenge of rapid urbanization and climate change. Our objective is to provide comprehensive eco-consulting, environmental publications, and specialized education programs that empower cities and local governments to implement sustainable practices in their construction and infrastructure projects to reduce carbon emissions, promote environmental stewardship, and create more resilient and liveable cities. We seek collaborations with diverse stakeholders, including local, regional, and national government entities, businesses, academia, and civil society organizations to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks to collectively address the challenges of city climate action.
Regions: Sub Saharan Africa
Countries: Zambia
Cross-cutting issues: Governence & Insitutions, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
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