Columbian NDC Update emphasizes role of subnational actors for planning and implementation, leverages international climate finance
Columbia’s 2020 NDC Update emphasizes the involvement of regional and local governments for the “formulation and implementation in the medium and long-term, of comprehensive climate change plans that foster competitive and sustainable cities” (Colombian National Government, 2015 p.7) and lists 89 measures falling under the responsibility of local and regional entities (alongside the 32 measures to be implemented at national level). Local and regional governments have defined adaptation and mitigation targets related to the NDC goals and according to their capabilities. The national government is exploring how to accelerate regional climate plans, reflect their efforts in the revised NDC and embed NDC targets into regional budgets.
Outputs: Policy Integration
Outcomes: Vertical NDC Integration, Localize Climate Finance, Regulatory Powers
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment, Local Goverment
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