ClimateOS helps climate teams answer the difficult and necessary questions they face in their climate transition. It combines a science-based framework with best-in-class tools for cities to create data-driven climate plans that attract high impact funding to accelerate the transition to net zero. By integrating data and systemic analysis, cities are able to connect emission reductions, actions and economics at a system-wide level. This allows them to see interdependencies, gaps, opportunities and economic and social impacts. They can then evaluate strategy and focus resources on impact. To reveal incentives to design better actions that align stakeholders. And to create investment plans that attract financing.
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: Sweden
Cities: Stockholm
Cross-cutting issues: System Approach, Governence & Insitutions, Observation, Data & Modelling, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Sustainable Production And Consumption, Finance, Uncertainty
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