City fiber networks,key sustainable digitalisation
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In December 2019, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal with the ambition to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, boosting the economy, improving people's health and quality of life, caring for nature, and leaving no one behind. Digitalisation is at the core of this ambitious program and fibre is key to align the digital and sustainability agendas. As the most sustainable telecommunication infrastructure technology, full fibre1 is a prerequisite to achieve the European Green Deal and make the European Union’s economy more sustainable. Several studies, compared the sustainability aspect (energy consumption and CO2 emissions) of traditional copper or coaxial cable-based technologies with full fibre networks at different speeds and capacity rates have been published. The studies show evidence that the choice of broadband network technology can have a significant impact on the electricity required to operate the network and on CO2 emissions .
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: Germany
Cities: München
Cross-cutting issues: Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Built & Green/Blue Infrastructure
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