Changing Mobility Patterns Through Urban Planning
Municipality of Puerto Montt
Implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan is required to solve challenges arising from excessive urban sprawl in Puerto Montt and its adjoining explosion in emissions from mobile sources, currently representing 42% of potential reductions in greenhouse gases, according to the latest inventory. Puerto Montt has a complex topography, with a terrace system which added to its sprawling in all viable directions generates also evident challenges in laying out a comprehensive solution. The local Urban Land Use plan is being re-imagined precisely taking this into account, proposing a polycentric and compact urban development which has as main objective modifying mobility paradigm of numerous private cars per family. As companion to the Land Use plan, the implementation of Sustainable Mobility Plan takes into account an integrated portfolio of projects which include cable railway systems and stairways, with contributions from private investment, urban impact taxes and public sector.
Regions: Latin America & the Caribbean
Countries: Chile
Cities: Puerto Montt
Cross-cutting issues: Governence & Insitutions, Observation, Data & Modelling, Justice & Equity
Partners: Regional government
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