Alliance of Municipalities for its Energy Transition (ACTE)
The National Agency for Energy Management in Tunisia (ANME), in partnership with the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment, the Local Authorities’ Loans and Support Fund (CPSCL) and the Training and Assistance Center for Decentralization (CFAD) is now deploying its ACTE (Alliance of Municipalities for its Energy Transition) program across the country to strengthen the capacities of Tunisian municipalities to contribute to the national energy transition and Tunisia's ambitious NDC targets, financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. The program provides cities and towns with management support (in line with the European Energy Award principles) in energy planning, setting up projects, carrying out preliminary studies, implementation and project follow-up (including public street and building lighting, fleets, urban mobility, household waste recycling) as well as access to finance for local investment in energy management (since 2018). To participate, local authorities should have an urban development, sustainable energy or mobility, or other climate plan in place. To date, 5 out of 7 municipalities participating in the ACTE program are members of the Covenant of Mayors.
Outputs: Funding and Financing, Data and Information
Outcomes: Vertical NDC Integration, Localize Climate Finance, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration
Target actors: Local Goverment
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