ActInsight-Better insights into collective climate
The currently fragmented, insufficient and incompatible sources building the climate data framework remain a critical threat to a successful outcome of the 2023 Global Stocktake for the Paris Agreement. While we observe an increasing amount of participation, effective ways of connecting, visualizing and analysing actors patterns & impact, within the overall climate initiatives, remain limited. ActInsight contributes to the collective efforts to integrate, analyse and visualize data across actors, at all levels, businesses and civil societies, and to understand their contribution and impact within the various initiatives. Please follow our quick tour to discover key features and learn how this platform helps you gain insights and navigate your challenges.
Regions: Middle East & North Africa
Countries: United Arab Emirates
Cities: Dubai
Cross-cutting issues: System Approach, Observation, Data & Modelling, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Informality, Uncertainty
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