A single pane of glass for smart(er) cities
Bentley Systems
Data governance is a tremendous challenge for cities. The more complex the city becomes, the more challenging it is to manage and coordinate the infrastructure projects and assets, as well as all the associated data. With multiple data sources, types, and disciplines being continuously generated, it’s quite common that a significant part of the data becomes unused, in what we can call “dark data”. And when we want to promote stakeholder engagement through the usage and exchange of data and insights across the different lifecycle stages of city assets and projects, we believe that the only viable approach is by leveraging open data, open standards, and infrastructure digital twins toward better urban planning and increased stakeholder experience, engagement and innovation. We will present how this approach can be leveraged and materialized, illustrated by immersive 3D visualization tools, which we call a “single pane of glass” for smart(er) cities.
Regions: North America
Countries: United States
Cross-cutting issues: Governence & Insitutions, Observation, Data & Modelling, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Urban Planning & Design, Built & Green/Blue Infrastructure
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