The Sustainable Cities Challenge
Challenge Works
We aim to improve access to safe, inclusive, and sustainable mobility solutions for all. It is run by the Toyota Mobility Foundation in partnership with Challenge Works and the World Resources Institute. We are looking for cities that want to partner with us to run city-based open innovation competitions that will lead to one of the below outcomes: 1) Overcoming mobility barriers 2) Strengthening of mobility systems 3) Advancing low carbon mobility Starting in November 2023, we will work with partner cities to design and develop open innovation competitions, to launch mid-2024. These will attract global innovators to work to solve problems identified by the cities. There is $9 million in funding for three open innovation competitions that will be run in partnership with three cities. Note that the Challenge is already fully funded. Cities that enter the Challenge have the opportunity to access funding and capacity building support from the delivery team.
Regions: European Union & Western Europe
Countries: United Kingdom
Cities: London
Start date: 21 Jun 2023
End date: 30 Sep 2023
Cross-cutting issues: System Approach, Observation, Data & Modelling, Justice & Equity, Digitalisation For Smart Cities
Topical areas: Urban Planning & Design, Built & Green/Blue Infrastructure, Finance
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