Mayors Gather at IEA Summit to Advance an Inclusive Energy Transition

On April 26th 2024, Mayors Carolina Basualdo of Despeñaderos (Argentina) and Anne Hidalgo of Paris (France) convened at the inaugural IEA Global Summit on People-Centered Clean Energy Transitions in Paris, France. 

The two mayors joined members of governments, labor organisations, businesses, community leaders, indigenous voices, youth representatives and others in discussions around some of the most pressing socio-economic issues at the heart of fair and inclusive energy transitions. The mayors’ presence at the Summit is part of their ongoing commitment to lead global climate action at the subnational level as signatories of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. 

“Cities are moving the needle forward on climate resilience policies, and their critical efforts are being recognized on the global stage,” said Mayor Hidalgo. “The 2024 Paris Olympics present a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our efforts and successes on this front as we stride towards a net-zero future.”

Mayors Basualdo and Hidalgo are working towards delivering just and equitable energy transitions that include social and economic development for all, new job opportunities, and implementing climate focused initiatives in their cities and municipalities. Prioritizing a gender-equity focus is an essential component of the energy transition as new jobs offer opportunities for women to enter the greenjob workforce. Clean energy policies and projects can benefit whole communities – leaving no one behind.    

One exemplary initiative that is addressing gender inequities and advancing meaningful climate action with a focus on female empowerment is the ‘Mujeres Resilientes’ (‘Resilient Women’) program in Despeñaderos. This program strategically targets various critical aspects of combatting gender-based violence by empowering women and fostering sustainable employment opportunities, thereby facilitating their journey towards economic independence. 

“Gender equity is a crucial component of accelerating meaningful climate action and ensuring an energy transition that is just for all,” said Mayor Basualdo. “Solutions and programs that address social and economic development while advancing sustainability must be implemented on the local, regional, and global levels.” 

Cities are disproportionately impacted by climate change with the frequency and intensity of severe weather events like flash flooding and extreme heat posing threats to key infrastructure and residents health. With nearly 60% of the global population living in cities, their ability to respond to climate threats and work hand in hand with national governments to reduce fossil fuel emissions is imperative. 

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