Green Technology and Climate Finance Workshop for Malaysian Cities

  • City leaders lack financial resources to access tech to tackle climate change.
  • EU-funded GCoM Asia Project supports Malaysian cities in climate action planning.
  • 17 Malaysian cities participated in the two-day GCoM workshop from 14-15 June that aims to enhance knowledge of city officials on climate finance, green tech, funding mechanisms, and project development.

Green technology and innovation have a vital role to play in mitigating the effects of climate change. 

However, cities in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, need to upscale and strengthen technical understanding and tap into additional resources needed to effectively implement climate-resilient development actions and projects. 

Accessing climate finance is a significant challenge for local and subnational governments, as the available resources can be highly complex and difficult to navigate.

Similar workshops are scheduled to be organized in two additional Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam on 6-7 July, and Indonesia on 30-31 August. These workshops aim to convene representatives from selected cities within each country, providing them with the opportunity to engage directly with national-level ministries and develop proposals in collaboration with climate financial institutions.       

GCoM Workshop: Accelerate Access to Finance

To address this challenge, the EU-funded Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy Asia (GCoM Asia) Project provides technical support to Malaysian cities for holistic climate action planning and implementation. 

Recently, GCoM organized a workshop on “Green Technology and Innovations to Accelerate Access on Climate Finance for Malaysian Cities: Designing Climate-Resilient Development Projects”.

What were the objectives?

The objectives of the workshop were to share relevant green technology and innovations related to specific climate action priorities, build an understanding of the financial mechanisms available for climate action, enhance the capacity of city officials to access and utilize climate finance, provide guidance on developing bankable projects, build networks and partnerships, and foster knowledge exchange.

What were the outcomes? 

The workshop brought together several mayors, municipal officials, town planners, technical officers (architects, landscape architects and engineers), local government representatives, technical experts, climate finance experts, and other key stakeholders from 17 Malaysian cities. 

97 participants and experts from 15 countries had the opportunity to interact with each other and received training on the preparation of project proposals, funding applications, and financial planning for climate change projects.

Through initiatives like these, cities in Southeast Asia can overcome the challenges of climate finance and take significant steps towards mitigating the effects of climate change.

For more information contact:

GCoM Asia Project – Country Coordinator
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Phone: +60122070876

ClimateTechReview – Founder
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