City Climate Action, Insights, and Tools Survey

Significant momentum is building which places local governments at the core of the climate action movement. Implementing comprehensive climate policy to achieve ambitious emissions reductions requires cities and their staff to be equipped with the right tools. To this end, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) – along with Bloomberg Associates (BA) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) – is launching the City Climate Action, Insights, and Tools Survey as part of a Tools Task Force to learn more about why and how your city uses tool(s) in the climate action planning process – and the data your local government needs to succeed.

Cities’ valuable responses to the survey will help us:

  • Share a better understanding of why and how cities use tools and data in the climate action planning process – and if not, what local governments need to enable climate action;
  • Identify where cities need tools the most, understanding that cities across regions face a variety of priorities and challenges; and
  • Help direct local governments to tools and resources that better suit their local needs and capacities, acknowledging the unique characteristics of cities on a global scale.

If you’re a city or a local government, take the survey here by no later than 11 March 2020. We ask that a representative who is best positioned to answer questions around climate and sustainability policy respond to the survey and work collaboratively with other members of your city to collect answers, if necessary.

Please direct any questions to the GCoM Secretariat at

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