Call to address the root causes of social and racial injustice

Call to address the root causes of social and racial injustice

The global community faces a common challenge: confronting systemic and institutional inequality.

The organizations gathered in the Global Taskforce stands in solidarity with all those demanding justice for marginalized people around the world and calling for racial injustice and any type of discrimination to be abolished.

We know that with cities’ dense and diverse population, racial and economic disparities can be deeply pronounced in urban areas. We also know that our cities bring together people of different backgrounds, languages, creeds, and cultures, giving us an unmatched responsibility and opportunity to foster more open, tolerant, and inclusive societies and economies. That includes centering vulnerable
communities in the urban responses to all the kind of emergencies – those who are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather, air pollution, and little or no access to service provision.

We cannot hope to create resilient, sustainable, and equitable cities of the future without directly addressing the root causes of social and racial injustice.

Local and Regional Government networks stand with all those working to create change to ensure the health, safety, and opportunity of all city dwellers around the globe.

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