Initiatives Overview


GCoM’s three initiatives address the compelling need for research, innovation, technical assistance, and city-level intelligence to help cities contribute to a global climate solution. These initiatives, Innovate4Cities, Data4Cities and Invest4Cities, focus on developing the next generation of knowledge, data, tools and technical support through which local policymakers can tackle sustainability challenges.

Our Initatives


A city-led research and innovation initiative that identifies specific data, information and technology priorities and works with governments, academia, business and other partners to drive investment in these areas and thus enables cities to meet their full climate and sustainability ambition.


Following the Paris Agreement, cities have been on an accelerated journey to harness data to empower big bets on climate action, including the development of the Global Covenant of Mayors’ Common Reporting Framework. This initiative builds the technological capacity and evidence to show the importance of city action and the need for future investment in cities.


The Invest4cities initiative aims to enhance and accelerate cities and local governments’ access to domestic and international financial investment in projects critical to the realization of their GCoM commitments.


GCoM-EIB Launch Global Climate Change City Challenge

The Global Climate City Challenge launched in San Francisco will address key technical and financing barriers to strengthen investment in green projects and programmes essential to improve resilience to a changing climate in cities home to millions of people.

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