What are Covenant supporters/coordinators?

What are Covenant supporters/coordinators?

Covenant coordinators/supporters provide essential support to GCoM signatories to meet their commitments and targets.  From the current practice in Regional/National Covenants, we can distinguish two main groups of entities playing this role: 

Public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to GCoM signatories and municipalities willing to sign up to the initiative. Some examples are: decentralized authorities (such as regions, provinces, counties, metropolitan areas or grouping of local authorities) and national public bodies (such as ministries or national energy agencies). 

Networks of local and regional governments, agencies, civil society organisations with clear link to the territory and ready to support the signatories in their areas of expertise (e.g. energy, environment, water, air, etc.). 

For more information on supporters and coordinators in your region, please contact your helpdesk.

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