How does the GCoM display and promote progress?

How does the GCoM display and promote progress?

The GCoM acknowledges that each city’s commitment to ambitious climate action makes them part of a historic and powerful response by local governments around the world to address the climate crisis. As each city implements its climate commitments, the GCoM recognizes signatory progress by issuing badges shared with the global community on our website. 

Badges are organized around the three pillars of the GCoM (mitigation, adaptation and access to energy) and capture signatory progress across the different phases and milestones in each pillar. Using the figure below for example, the ‘Mitigation’ badge is comprised of three phases: ‘Inventory’, ‘Target’, and ‘Plan’. A city earns a badge when the information reported meets the requirements for a corresponding phase after submitting information via one of the official GCoM reporting platforms (see FAQ20). 

The process to award badges is the following:

  • Reported data and plans are checked against the CRF requirements by the reporting platforms.
  • Signatories receive feedback from the reporting platforms on the data reported
  • Signatories are formally awarded their badges by their Regional Covenant
  • The badges acquired are available on the signatory’s profile in the GCoM city dashboard section of the GCoM website. 

For more information about badges, please contact your Regional/National helpdesk.

In addition to displaying the badges obtained on the city profile, the GCoM Secretariat also compiles an annual aggregation report that highlights the collective progress and projections through the analysis of data reported by GCoM signatories.

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